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The share & ownership structure

The MSAB Share

The MSAB share is an attractive investment for investors with a long-term investment horizon. By acquiring MSAB shares investors get exposure to a portfolio of companies with interesting global development potential. The objective of MSAB is that the development of net asset value per share shall outperform the average development of Swedish publically listed companies, measured as Nasdaq Stockholm All-share (OMXSPI).

You can follow MSAB's share price development at Nasdaq's website or in the daily newspapers. MSAB's most important key figure is the net asset value per share, which is updated on a daily basis.

By subscribing to our press releases (in Swedish only) you will receive the latest information from MSAB sent to you by email. You are of course also welcome to contact us if you would like to have any additional information such as a printed version of our annual report (in Swedish only).

Ownership Structure as per December 31st 20161)

Owners   Number of shares   Votes %
Melker Schörling with family   102 504 973   86.1%
Stefan Persson   5 734 602   4.8%
United International Enterprises Ltd    1 968 705   1.7%
Tham family   1 100 000   0.9%
SEB Fonder   594 412   0.5%
Handelsbanken Fonder   591 360   0.5%
Norges Bank   313 944   0.3%
Spiltan Fonder   286 585   0.2%
Monesi Förvaltnings AB   283 690   0.2%
Gunilla Gabrielsson   273 860   0.2%
JPMorgan Chase   210 237   0.2%
Nordea Fonder   166 328   0.1%
Crafoordska stiftelsen   164 789   0.1%
Försäkringsbolaget Avanza Pension   137 717   0.1%
Tredje AP-fonden   117 765   0.1%
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring   115 199   0.1%
Bank of New York Mellon   112 449   0.1%
Ulrik Svensson   105 214   0.1%
Fastighetsaktiebolaget Stadshus   100 000   0.1%
Mikael Ekdahl AB   94 041   0.1%
Others   4 121 725   3.5%
  119 097 595   100.0%
1)   The ownership includes direct ownership as well as indirect ownership through other legal entities

Share Information

The share is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. The ISIN code is SE0001785270 and the ticker is MELK. Before being listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, the share was listed on Nasdaq OMX First North. Melker Schöring AB's LEI-code is 213800JPBZNWQRA2WJ10.

Dividend Policy

The board of directors' ambition, given the company’s profit development, financial situation and future development opportunities, is to propose an annual dividends amounting to at least 50 % of the ordinary dividends received from the portfolio companies.

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