MSAB's holdings

MSAB consists of six companies with a clear strategy and continued strong development potential. Hexagon, which is a global market leader in the measurement technology industry, is the largest holding. Through the holdings of Securitas, ASSA ABLOY and Loomis, MSAB also has a strong exposure to the security industry which we believe has great growth potential. All companies have a vast geographical exposure and the main part of the revenues are derived from foreign markets.



Hexagon is a world leading supplier of software and systems helping customers to increase their productivity and quality in their applications.

MSAB board representatives:
Gun Nilsson
Sofia Schörling Högberg
Märta Schörling Andreen

Ola Rollén

Revenue (MEUR): 3 149
EBIT (MEUR): 736
Employees: 16 592
MSAB % of capital: 26,0 %
MSAB % of votes: 46,9 %


AAK is the a world leading producer of value added vegetable oil solutions.

MSAB board representatives:
Mikael Ekdahl
Gun Nilsson
Märta Schörling Andreen

Fredrik Nilsson (Acting)

Revenues (MSEK): 22 057
EBIT (MSEK): 1 615
Employees: 2 971
MSAB % of capital: 32,9 %
MSAB % of votes: 32,9 %


ASSA ABLOY is a world leader in door opening solutions providing a comprehensive range of doors and door opening solutions.

MSAB board representatives:
Sofia Schörling Högberg

Johan Molin

Revenues (MSEK): 71 293
EBIT (MSEK): 9 657
Employees: 46 928
MSAB % of capital: 3,8 %
MSAB % of votes: 11,4 %

Hexpol a material difference

HEXPOL is a world leading polymer provider offering innovative solutions and products based on advanced rubber compounds, gaskets and wheels.

MSAB board representatives:
Gun Nilsson
Märta Schörling Andreen
Georg Brunstam

Mikael Fryklund

Revenues (MSEK): 10 879
EBIT (MSEK): 1 921
Employees: 4 140
MSAB % of capital:
25,9 %
MSAB % of votes: 46,6 %


Securitas protects homes, work sites and societies in more than 50 countries globally and is a world leader within security solutions.

MSAB board representatives:
Sofia Schörling Högberg

Alf Göransson

Revenues (MSEK): 88 162
EBIT (MSEK): 4 153
340 000
MSAB % of capital: 5,4 %
MSAB % of votes: 11,6 %


Loomis offers integrated solutions for cash handling, cash management and recycling of cash through a global network.

MSAB board representatives:
Gun Nilsson

Patrik Andersson

Revenues (MSEK): 16 800
EBIT (MSEK): 1 771
Employees: 22 000
MSAB % of capital: 1,2 %
MSAB % of votes: 8,5 %


EBIT excludes items affecting comparability