Nomination committee

The nomination committee's task  is to prepare the election of members to the board of directors and its chairman, to put forward propositions for renumeration of the board of directors and other related matters in advance of the annual general meeting. Furthermore, before the general meetings where election of auditors will take place the nomination committe shall, together with the board and, if existing, the audit committe, prepare this election and the auditor's fees.  

At the annual general meeting on May 23, 2017 the shareholders decided that the nomination committee will consist of three members: Sofia Schörling Högberg, Henrik Didner (Monesi Förvaltnings AB) and Jonas Strandberg (SEB pension funds). Sofia Schörling Högberg was appointed chairman of the committee. Furthermore, the AGM decided that if a member of the committee ceases to be a major shareholder in MSAB, or if the member is not employed by such shareholder or by any other reason leaves the committee before the AGM 2018, the committee has the right to appoint another representative for a major shareholder. The AGM decided that the committee’s task is to present and prepare election of the chairman and other board members, their remuneration as well as other questions regarding this matter for the AGM 2018.