Melker Schörling AB


New investments

Investment in new business opportunities is part of MSAB's strategy. Business opportunities may exist in several different industries. What is most important for us is that the company has growth potential through e.g. an international expansion. The management, board of directors and a network of individuals around MSAB have a broad and deep understanding of transforming companies from being a local business into being a global market leader. We also have the intention of becoming the major shareholder within the company. However, we may also agree upon having some of the former major shareholders within the company as shareholders since their knowledge is very important. A common situation where the knowledge of MSAB may be helpful is during transfer of business from one generation to another or when the founder/owner feels that new knowledge is needed to be able to further accelerate growth in the company. The size of the business opportunity may vary, although our smallest investment is generally 100 MSEK and the company should normally have revenue in the region of a few billion Swedish kronor.

For more information, please do read MSAB's strategy and MSAB as owner.